The Pacific Ropes Team

About Pacific Ropes

Pacific Ropes is a family-owned business with locations in both British Columbia and Alberta. We approach work at height from multiple angles: Our construction and rescue services, our training programs, and our equipment retail shop. Having these three different branches helps us to contribute to the rope access industry in unique ways. We combine our experience in the field, our knowledge of equipment and our experience in training and mentoring to come up with innovative solutions for our clients.


We love the flexibility and efficiency our rope-access solutions provide and we want to share them with everyone! At the heart, our goal is to help workers access hard-to-reach spaces in a safe and effective way, which creates opportunities for growth and advancement in our industry, and within our people.


We are so proud of our team. The PacRopes team is a group of talented and passionate individuals possessing a diverse range of skills, talents, and experiences. We collaborate to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients.


Check out one of our case studies below!


Electrical Work

In this case study, we demonstrate how we use rope access for electrical and insulation services for a long term maintenance contract at a refinery. By using rope access for maintenance work, the owners of the refinery save millions of dollars which were traditionally budgeted for scaffolding.

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We are committed to following the highest safety standards set by our industry.




Our Value System


We Collaborate

By listening and asking questions and working together until the job is done.


We Innovate

By harnessing our team's diverse talents to think of solutions for our clients.


We Cultivate

By using our experiences as opportunities to learn and evolve.


We Prevent Risk

By prioritizing risk management in all of our projects and training.

Pacific Ropes: Innovative Solutions

Helping construction and energy industries access hard-to-reach locations with custom work at height solutions.