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What you will learn

This course is perfect for groups who are required to handle specialized rescue systems on their work sites. We will train your group on how to operate these systems safely. Our curriculum, can also include fall protection training, which will enable you to understand the use of fall protection when working at height and give you the tools and knowledge to create a safe, work at height environment.

These skills help encompass a safer way to work at height that meets regulation.

Topics include:

  • Hazard Identification
  • Fall safety systems & planning
  • Shared & personal systems
  • Equipment handling
  • Anchors
  • Harnesses
  • Connectors
  • Descent/Rescue – overview
  • Equipment care
  • Temporary horizontal lifelines

Courses We Teach

Below are the work at height courses that we offer. We have training locations in BC and Alberta with consistent training dates! All our courses are taught by our experienced and dedicated instructors. Make sure you check out their bios in our About Us section!


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IRATA Training

IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) is based in the UK and it's Rope Access certification is internationally recognized. IRATA training consists of three levels of certification and we offer all three every month in BC and AB. Whether you are new to IRATA training, need a refresher, looking to upgrade, or need to recertify, our in-depth IRATA training program and instructors will equip you with safer and more efficient ways to do rope access on site.

IRATA Training >

SPRAT Training

SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) is based in America and aims to promote the safe use of Rope Access within our regulatory bodies here in North America. SPRAT training also consists of three levels of certification, which we host every month in BC only. Our methods of teaching aim to lay out the basics as clearly as possible; while inspiring you to problem solve and to be as efficient as possible. Team collaboration is essential for successful Rope Access technicians and we embody that nature within our Rope Access training.

SPRAT Training >

Tower Climbing and Rescue

Our Tower and Climbing Rescue program comes in two parts, Climber 1 and Climber 2. Both are in line and approved by STAC (The Structure, Tower and Antenna Council). This course is meant for technicians who have to climb and work on telecommunication towers. Custom and on-site training is available for this course.

Tower Training >

Petzl PPE Competent Person Course

Gain competency in the thorough examination of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This Petzl course is perfect for individuals who are responsible for equipment and work at height PPE inspections. But, we encourage all technicians to take this course to gain a better understanding of equipment inspection, which ultimately prevents equipment failure on site.

Petzl PPE Inspection >

Custom Work At Height Training

We understand that sometimes you need training for a specific work site or structure. Understanding the rescue procedures, protocols, and equipment for a particular job is important and you may not have someone qualified in-house to run this program. Our training team has helped many companies in this scenario with our custom rescue training. These programs can be completed at our facilities or on site.

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Why should we come to Pacific Ropes?

We believe in life-long learning and there’s no better way to do it than doing it with our work at height community. With this passion, we’ve dedicated time and resources to ensuring our programs cater to different learning styles and are relevant to on-site work. Still aren’t sure? Check out our Google reviews below!


Open Gym Training!

We offer open gym training times for support and additional practice in a safe environment. This time is essential for staying on top of your skills, or to work out bad habits that have been picked up over the years. This is the perfect place to apply skills you've learned from watching our YouTube video series, or from other technicians, and trying new things out! 

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Vancouver Center

Check out our training facility in Burnaby! We moved from Richmond to Burnaby in 2022 in order to expand our course offerings and upgrade our training facilities for our students! Come check it out!

Edmonton Center

Our Edmonton facility is jammed packed with new and up-to-date equipment. Check it out!

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Work At Height Training

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