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Utilizing an open gym time at our training center means you can practice building multiple rigging systems in different ways, attempt to get into position in a variety of approaches, and practice techniques you don't often use. Network with other technicians and explore why some maneuvers work better than others under certain circumstances - continually improving yourself not only makes you more proficient, but competent and safe. 


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Logged Training Time

You can record the hours spent on the rope at the Open Gym in the logbook! With the supervision of a trainer, this time offers valuable experience and is a productive way to utilize your time on the ropes when not working.

Benefits of Open Gym

  • Skill Development provides an opportunity to improve techniques, develop proficiency in various maneuvers for diverse experience
  • Access to equipment in our facility to practice techniques less utilized in field
  • Ask questions and get support from trainers in house that can offer guidance and knowledge 
  • Network and meet other Rope Technicians of various levels, industries, and experience!


Tower Climbing and Rescue

Our Tower and Climbing Rescue program comes in two parts, Climber 1 and Climber 2. Both are in line and approved by STAC (The Structure, Tower and Antenna Council). This course is meant for technicians who have to climb and work on telecommunication towers. Custom and on-site training is available for this course.

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Petzl PPE Competent Person Course

Gain competency in the thorough examination of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This Petzl course is perfect for individuals who are responsible for equipment and work at height PPE inspections. But, we encourage all technicians to take this course to gain a better understanding of equipment inspection, which ultimately prevents equipment failure on site.

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Custom Work At Height Training

We understand that sometimes you need training for a specific work site or structure. Understanding the rescue procedures, protocols, and equipment for a particular job is important and you may not have someone qualified in-house to run this program. Our training team has helped many companies in this scenario with our custom rescue training. These programs can be completed at our facilities or on site.

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We have open gyms at both Vancouver (every Thursday) and Edmonton (First Mondays of each month) locations. It takes only a few seconds to register for your session. For $40 you will receive great support and access to world class facilities! We're excited to have you here!

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Vancouver Center

Check out our training facility in Burnaby! We moved from Richmond to Burnaby in 2022 in order to expand our course offerings and upgrade our training facilities for our students! Come check it out!

Edmonton Center

Our Edmonton facility is jammed packed with new and up-to-date equipment. Check it out!

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