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Our Value System


We Collaborate

By listening and asking questions and working together until the job is done.


We Innovate

By harnessing our team's diverse talents to provide solutions for our clients.


We Cultivate

By using our experiences as opportunities to learn and evolve.


We Prevent Risk

By prioritizing risk management in all of our projects and training.

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Current Job Listings



Below are the different positions we are looking for to grow our team. Please click to see a full job description.

We encourage you to submit your resume and reach out if interested! We seriously consider each candidate, and appreciate your time and effort in reaching out!


Construction Labourer/Carpenter

We are looking for construction laborer's/carpenters with construction skills to join our team. Our company performs work at height, so this job is appropriate for candidates who enjoy heights. In this role, you'll be responsible for ensuring site safety and for the successful completion of the project to the satisfaction of the client. The construction carpenters will be working under the supervision of an IRATA L3 Supervisor on various worksites throughout BC.

L1/L2 IRATA Rope Techs

We are currently hiring casual IRATA L1 and L2 Rope Access Technicians. L1s will be responsible for site safety and the successful completion of projects. L2's, in addition, will also be responsible for aiding L3 supervisors in managing teams. Various worksites in locations across BC.

Confined Space Rescue Technician

We are seeking a skilled and dedicated Confined Space Rescue Technician to join our safety and emergency response team. The Confined Space Rescue Technician will play a critical role in ensuring the safety of personnel working in confined spaces, such as tanks, silos, tunnels, and other enclosed areas where the risk of injury or entrapment is high.