Case Study: Bridge Inspection

Case Study: Bridge Inspection

Posted by Sharon Lo on January 26,2024
Sharon Lo


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The Problem

The client faced a critical need for a comprehensive inspection of a bridge spanning a major river in BC. The challenge was to conduct a hands-on, close proximity inspection of both the above-deck steel truss work and below-deck piers. Traditional access methods such as aerial lifts, scaffolding, and snooper trucks were considered, but they posed logistical and financial challenges.


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The Solution


Pacific Ropes presented a solution by leveraging advanced rope access techniques. Instead of opting for conventional methods that would involve significant equipment, time, and expenses, the use of rope access allowed our team to access inaccessible structural components efficiently and independently. Various bridge climbing methods, including aid climbing, pull-through anchors, and descent/ascent lines, were employed to navigate the unique architecture of the Through Arch Bridge. 


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The Results

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The client experienced an estimated 50% reduction in overall costs compared to traditional access methods. The majority of time savings occurred below deck, where inspections were completed three to four times faster than alternative methods would have allowed. With a scheduled long weekend bridge closure, bridge traffic was not an issue and optimized safety. Inspections were completed effectively and efficiently, reopening the bridge traffic ahead of schedule by several hours! Testimonials from the client highlighted the dedication and efficiency of the Pacific Ropes team and their satisfaction as the project was completed faster than anticipated.

If you have challenges accessing work locations within your work scope, contact us to discover what options you have with rope access. Your solution might be within reach! 

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