Case Study: Electrical Installations on Bridge

Case Study: Electrical Installations on Bridge

Posted by Sharon Lo on September 19,2023
Sharon Lo


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The Problem

A Metro Vancouver Bridge spanning the Fraser River needed electrical upgrades, which required the installation of cables and components in the inaccessible locations within the towers. Scaffolding as well a fall arrest swing stage within the towers is an option, but it also requires time/materials to set up, as well as a form of third party rescue.


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The Solution

We rigged internally using temporary anchors attached to suitable anchorage, and used specialized winches inside to assist in lifting heavy assets/equipment. We lifted and installed heavy teck cables, unistrut, several runs of power leads and fiber optic cables on the interior of four 500ft towers without the need for additional access equipment or high angle rescue services.

We installed the electrical supply and components into the bridge towers, as well as heaters in inaccessible locations.


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The Results

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The project manager estimates they had a cost savings of 50% versus using a snooper truck which would require traffic lane closures. There was a reduction of 35% in time, as there was significantly less setup and dismantling of traditional access equipment.

Our rope access service eliminates the need for a third party access system setup in a very challenging work location, as our crews are able to self perform high angle rescue in the event that a worker is incapacitated.

Interested in learning more about our rope access services? We understand that there are limitations and challenges for every project. Don't hesitate to contact us to see if rope access is a method that will work for your project's efficiency, cost reduction, timeline, and success. 


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