Case Study: Innovative Solutions for Industrial Smoke Stack Inspection

Case Study: Innovative Solutions for Industrial Smoke Stack Inspection

Posted by Sharon Lo on November 27,2023
Sharon Lo


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The Problem

In the fast-paced world of industrial operations, meeting deadlines is crucial. Our client had a two-week shutdown with the ambitious goal of completing all necessary tasks within this limited window. The initial setback surfaced when the access methods to reach the work locations were presented at two weeks for setup and dismantle. This would not leave any time for the actual inspection and possible repair works needed.


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The Solution


Faced with this time crunch, our team devised an innovative solution – using an engineered temporary rope access system. This not only provided swift access to the required areas inside the confined space of the smoke stack, but also facilitated simultaneous work. Moreover, the installation included a hauling system within the work location, streamlining the lifting process for any necessary repair work. 

With the rope access system in place, we achieved the installation and inspections during the first shift, demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategic approach. The remainder of the two-week shutdown was dedicated to resolving issues identified during inspections, including the design and engineering of an entirely new expansion joint in collaboration with our client.

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 One of the critical outcomes was the creation and installation of a new expansion joint located in a confined space approximately 100 feet down the stack. This solution addressed specific issues uncovered during inspections and showcased the collaborative problem-solving approach between our team and the client.

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The Results

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In the end, our streamlined process ensured that all tasks – from installation and inspections to repairs and additional work – were completed within the two-week timeframe. This success not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, alleviating any scheduling anxiety and stress associated with the shutdown.

By embracing creative solutions and collaborative problem-solving, we not only met deadlines but delivered results that enhanced the overall efficiency of the inspection and repair process. In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial maintenance, adaptability and ingenuity prove to be powerful assets.


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