New Vancouver Registration Schedule

New Vancouver Registration Schedule

Posted by Sharon Lo on April 18,2022
Sharon Lo

You've asked and now we will provide! We sent a survey out and the results came back and we are listening to you, and revising our training options! 

June 2022 Registration Options (2 × 3 in)

Look out for these new changes starting in June 2022


  • Exclusive Level 1 IRATA and exclusive Level 1 SPRAT 4-day courses (Saturday assessment or evaluation)
  • Exclusive Level 2 & 3 IRATA, and exclusive Level 2 & 3 SPRAT 5-day courses (Saturday assessment or evaluation)
  • 4-day Dual Training will continue for now, but that will change as we will be bringing in Dual Assessors at the END of summer to accommodate for 5-day Level 2 & 3 Dual training weeks instead
  • All Level 1 courses will be 4-day training sessions - however, if you would like to have the option for a 5th day of training contact us during the registration process!

Still Have Some Questions? 

1) Are all level 2 and level 3 courses 5 days now?
Only the weeks that say IRATA only or SPRAT only have 5 day level 2 or 3 courses. If you want to still do a 4 day level 2 or 3 course, please sign up for the weeks that offer both IRATA and SPRAT options. 
2) If I sign up for an IRATA and SPRAT week, do I have to do both?
No, you do not need to do both. You can still pick one or the other or do both.
3) Are you going to offer 5 day training weeks in Edmonton?
For now, we are only offering 4 day training weeks in Edmonton. 
4) I am not sure if I need 4 or 5 days of training. What should I do?
If you are a new level 2 or level 3 upgrade and have not had a lot of diversity in your work hours, we recommend a 5 day training week. By diversity, we mean the opportunity to practice all your current maneuvers and rescues. All upgrades and recerts that register with us get a free refresher day as well. You can come in for the refresher day and chat with one of our instructors to see if you should do a 4 day or 5 day training week. 


**Remember, all upgrades and recertification get a free refresher day before their course. This is subject to availability so we encourage early registrations!


Start brushing up on your skills, watch some informative training videos on our Youtube Channel to get ahead, or check out our Student Resources section on our site to supplement your learning. 


Click below to check out our current dates!











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