Case Study: Overhead Protection for Critical Pedestrian Locations

Case Study: Overhead Protection for Critical Pedestrian Locations

Posted by Sharon Lo on January 9,2024
Sharon Lo


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The Problem

Aging infrastructure can create a unique set of hazards to the surrounding areas and local infrastructure owners need to safeguard any surrounding public/private areas as well as the waterway below their assets. Bridges and road infrastructure always have the potential for a dangerous scenario with spalling concrete that could fall from structure to the area below.


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The Solution


Rope access teams have been regularly called upon to address the issue and create safe coverage for the potential danger. While conventional methods may be capable of covering large portions of the bridge, this would require multiple stages of installation, leading to a longer project timeline. The rope access solution provided in past projects have complete bridge access, installed steel panels, and offered standby rescue support for the installation team. The approach may involve various rope access techniques to position the crew and a temporary drop protection system to prevent potential hazards from falling objects during construction and/or installation.


 Granville Conduit Protection Installation Photo2 (vertical)

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The Results

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Past projects have yielded substantial benefits in terms of cost, time, environment, and public safety. Cost and time savings are often achieved by avoiding the need for extensive alternative lifting and access solutions. Rope Access methods also have a positive environmental impact as it can reduce traffic and deliveries, which is particularly crucial due to the presence of bird nesting areas. The completion timeline was critical to preventing encroachment on protected species. Importantly, public access ways, waterways, and bridge decks can remain open for the majority of such projects, with only lane closures to accommodate pedestrian traffic and the work zone.

If you have challenges accessing work locations within your work scope, contact us to discover what options you have with rope access. Your solution might be within reach! 

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