Rescue Series: Passing A Knot With a Casualty and Excess Rope

Rescue Series: Passing A Knot With a Casualty and Excess Rope

Posted by Sharon Lo on March 10,2023
Sharon Lo

We are providing a series of videos that focus on maneuvers that require a bit of attention for both students and technicians! Assessments and evaluations for Level 3 IRATA and Level 2 SPRAT test your knowledge, competence, and comprehension for rescues with a casualty. This particular video demonstrates how to pass a knot when you have excess rope while rescuing a casualty. Watch the video below, or head on over to our YouTube Channel so you can watch other techniques and skills carefully! 



Watch this video and others on our Youtube Channel!


Key tips and takeaways:

  • do not get too close to the knot
  • Figure of 8 knots give us good directional pull, helps us differentiate between damaged section of rope, as well as what part of the rope to use
  • re-anchoring to the mainline itself ensures we don't have to deal with rope stretch issues that arise from switching ropes
  • always capture BOTH the rescuer's D-ring and the short connection to the casualty!!!
  • jamming up the rescuecender as high as it goes ensures it is clear and does not get stuck in the loop you just created 
  • descending with 2 main lines minimizes or eliminates potential for rope stretch
  • using 2 descenders within their working loads means you don't necessarily need the friction carabiner

Use these videos to study and gain comprehension for yourself. We provide them because we want to support our students' success, but also feel that creating great educational material creates great and competent technicians.


Because these maneuvers are ones you may not often be utilizing, book a refresher or an open gym (March 30th, 3:30-5:30, $25, Burnaby) with us to practice them! Both options are great for ensuring you stay on top of your skills for your recertification or upgrade!!

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Remember: Every recert or upgrade training session booked get a FREE Refresher day the week before! Don't miss out on that opportunity to ensure your success. Ask us about it when you register!

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