Rope Access Awareness

Rope Access Awareness

Posted by Sharon Lo on July 28,2022
Sharon Lo

If you are here, you are likely new to Rope Access, curious, or was sent here to read and get you started in a new career. Whatever the reason you are landing on this blog, we want to welcome you! Rope Access has been around for a long time, and it is now, more than ever, in high demand. The ocean of job opportunities is vast, but before you start a career in it, you need training! Training does have a material cost though, and sometimes spending that amount for your curiosity is too high. 


At Pacific Ropes, we offer a special one day course called 'Rope Access Awareness'. In this one day session, you will be introduced to what rope access is, get some hands on experience with the equipment, techniques of ascending and descending, and some basic maneuvers. This session is to expose you to the world of training, without the commitment and cost of an entire week. 

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Some of the challenges the Rope Access Awareness session can shed light to:

  • how physically demanding/different rope access can be from regular day to day activity
  • how different it feels to use trade skills in a different environment (at height vs. on ground)
  • the levels of safety/alertness involved with work at height
  • general aptitude/coordination for work at height


Benefits of Rope Access Awareness Session:

  • minimal commitment/cost (~$200)
  • hands on experience for work at height
  • pro-rated training session cost (if choosing to complete an entire training session immediately after Awareness session)
  • exposure to basics of Rope Access by Professional and Certified Trainers 


If you have a curiosity, this is the session for you. Sessions take place on Mondays of each week, so take a look at the calendar and register with us! Hope to see you soon!



Rope Access Registration Form 





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