Case Study: Bird Netting Installation

Case Study: Bird Netting Installation

Posted by Jemia on December 3,2019


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Our client needed a cost effective solution to prevent birds from nesting under the bridge in the upcoming Spring season, in preparation for an upcoming bridge rehabilitation project. Other options included scaffolding from the main span to install the netting. The client had used scaffolding in the past for other installations and repair works, so they were already aware of the high costs. However, due to the sensitive ecological nature of the project, the challenges with road closures above the bridge, and the extreme high height of the work site, the scaffolding solution brought on more problems than just cost.

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Using tension lines and aid climbing, our rope access team set up temporary access systems for installing anchors, cabling systems, and over 30,000 square feet of bird netting. Similar access can be used for concrete repairs, coatings, inspections, platform installations, and much more on bridge or dam structures.

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We estimated 60% overall cost savings by using rope access instead of scaffolding. Decking below these large bridge spans is very time consuming. By using rope access, this program was completed with a massive risk reduction overall by reducing that time in fall arrest situations. In addition, by eliminating access equipment, we reduced 10-20 truck loads of equipment to site, ultimately minimizing overall emissions.


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