ANSI  Approved Carabiners

ANSI  Approved Carabiners

Posted by PacRopes Equipment Team on April 12,2022
PacRopes Equipment Team

Carabiners are an integral pieces of your fall protection system. They are built for the purpose of withstanding extreme force, yet being agile in size and weight for workers to be effective. Like most industry specific equipment, different tasks require different carabiners. You have to determine and consider the size, shape, strength, gate type, and weight, that is best suited for your task. Most, if not all, overseeing health and safety agencies will have guidelines for all those considerations in specific circumstances.


Watch our video with Gearhead Matt, explaining a few of the new Petzl and Kong carabiners that are ANSI & CSA approved for Fall Protection. When planning out your equipment needs, it's important to take regulations, standards, function, and design into account to ensure you have the right tools for the job. To outfit you for success, we have them available at our PacRopes Gear store!


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